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City of Isle
Clean Up Day

Saturday, June 6, 2020
1:00 pm until 3:00 pm
At the recycling lot next to the Mille Lacs Drift Skipper’s Building

Residents must provide proof that they own or reside within City limits.

The Isle City Council would like to ensure a clean and healthy community and environment. Residents may bring items to the city recycle location on West Isle Street.    Please be prepared to show proof that you own property or reside within the city limits of Isle;  i.e. tax statement with property number beginning with 20 (example #20-000-1234), drivers license,  Isle water/sewer bill.


  • Limited amounts of shingles, wood, windows, sheetrock
  • DRY paint cans
  • Computer and peripherals
  • Tires
  • Television sets, mattresses, box springs, couches, chairs and other misc. items.


  • All gas refrigerators
  • Wet paint or varnish cans
  • Grass, leaves or brush
  • Old ballasts, fluorescent bulbs, cardboard or plastics
  • Cement
  • Any hazardous materials


Mattress, box spring, stuffed chair (anything with a spring)$20 each
Lawn Mowers$5 each
Appliances$10 each
BBQ Grill$5 each
TV’s$30 each
Computers (whole set)$40 each
Automobile Batteries$3
Oil Filter$1
Car w/rim$5
Car w/o rim$3
Truck w/rim$11 16.5″ or larger
Semi Rim$2
Tractor Rim$15


This service is provided exclusively to ISLE CITY TAX PAYERS at a reduced rate.

Items from non-city residents will be an additional $1.00 ea