Dear Isle Business Owners and Residents,

This is just a friendly reminder that it is the responsibility of the owners and occupants of any property adjacent to a public sidewalk and/or street to use diligence to keep the walk safe for pedestrians.

Per City of Isle Basic Code Section 92.01, no owner or occupant shall allow snow, ice, dirt or rubbish to remain on the walk longer than 24 hours after its deposit thereon. Failure to comply with this section shall constitute a violation. (92.16) [MN Sta. 160.2715 fine and misdemeanor charge]

When the city removes or eliminates public health or safety hazards from private property under the provisions of this chapter, the administrative officer responsible for doing the work shall keep a record of the cost of the removal or elimination against each parcel of property affected and deliver that information to the City Clerk for property assessment monthly.

Please remember that it is unlawful to push your sidewalk and/or street side snow, ice, dirt or rubbish into the street. Debris must be removed or placed in a safe location on your property. (Main St. businesses exception)

Please contact us at City Hall if you have any questions or concerns.

The City of Isle wishes you a happy, healthy and safe winter.


Isle City Council