Recognizing March 26th, 2020 as International Purple Day, to help increase awareness of Epilepsy and to help reduce the stigma associated with this common disorder.

Whereas:  Epilepsy is a common disorder affecting more than 60,000 people in Minnesota; and

Whereas:  Thousands of new cases of seizures and epilepsy are diagnosed every year; and

Whereas:  Lack of knowledge about epilepsy leads to isolation, teasing, stigma and intimidation; and

Whereas:  Minnesotans living with epilepsy, their families and caregivers benefit from being connected and through a sense of belonging, and

Whereas:  The quality of life for people with epilepsy can be improved with education, understanding and acceptance by their peers; and

Whereas:  The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota transforms the lives of Minnesotans living with epilepsy and their families from every county across the state through education, awareness and empowerment.

Now, therefore, I Rodney Schultz, Mayor of the City of Isle, do hereby proclaim March 26, 2020 as International Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my and and caused the Seal of the City of Isle, State of Minnesota to be affixed at the City Hall this 10th day of March, 2020, on behalf of the City Council and Citizens of Isle, Minnesota.